Call me Hilda

I’d like to see an episode of NCIS with McGee, Torres and Bishop staring at a picture of a mountain and Gibbs being cool as ever telling them to check the wallpaper at Hilda’s pc. And Hilda is an office clerk who nobody recognizes besides him.

She is a girl with aunty glasses who has climbed that mountain on her last vacation and can tell the guys where to find a hut the villain hides in. Oh, and she is trained in Krav Maga and loves yoga and has a photo of a group of 5 people on her desk that she only comments with: “My exes”. One of them might look like a canadian actress with a greek name.  

There could be a take of a whole office of cubicles with employees and an information that all these people make the work of the NCIS possible. Most of them are staffers of the film production.

All rights for the picture are with Elise Bauman, the actress I would like to see in the role of Hilda.