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I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America.

„I can’t tell you about a specific day as a cable tech. I can’t tell you my first customer was a cat hoarder. I can tell you the details, sure. That I smeared Vicks on my lip to try to cover the stench of rugs and walls and upholstery soaked in cat piss. That I wore booties, not to protect the carpets from the mud on my boots but to keep the cat piss off my soles. I can tell you the problem with her cable service was that her cats chewed through the wiring. That I had to move a mummified cat behind the television to replace the jumper. That ammonia seeped into the polyester fibers of my itchy blue uniform, clung to the sweat in my hair. That the smell stuck to me through the next job.

But what was the next job? This is the stuff I can’t remember — how a particular day unfolded. Maybe the next job was the Great Falls, Virginia, housewife who answered the door in some black skimpy thing I never really saw because I work very hard at eye contact when faced with out-of-context nudity. She was expecting a man. I’m a 6-foot lesbian. If I showed up at your door in a uniform with my hair cut in what’s known to barbers as the International Lesbian Option No. 2, you might mistake me for a man. Everyone does. She was rare in that she realized I’m a woman. We laughed about it. She found a robe while I replaced her cable box. She asked if I needed to use a bathroom, and I loved her.

For 10 years, I worked as a cable tech in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. Those 10 years, the apartments, the McMansions, the customers, the bugs and snakes, the telephone poles, the traffic, the cold and heat and rain, have blurred together in my mind. Even then, I wouldn’t remember a job from the day before unless there was something remarkable about it. Remarkable is subjective and changes with every day spent witnessing what people who work in offices will never see — their co-workers at home during the weekday, the American id in its underpants, wondering if it remembered to delete the browsing history.

Mostly all I remember is needing to pee.“

This is the Age of Bavaria

  1. wurde der Denver International Airport NACH dem ersten Attentat auf das World Trade Center gebaut. Das fand am 26.02.1993 statt und zeigte die Verwundbarkeit dieses Gebäude-Komplexes. Sollte also dort etwas gewesen sein, von dem wir nichts wissen sollen, wäre es logisch gewesen, dafür ein anderes, solideres Gebäude zu bauen
  2. könnte der Knabe in der traditionellen bayerischen Tracht ein Hinweis auf König Ludwig II. von Bayern sein
  3. denn Bayern ist nicht nur die Heimat von Audi, Siemens, BMW, Dachser und Erdinger , sondern auch die der Wittelsbacher, der Trumps und der Illuminaten. Erklärt der Bedarf an Lagerfläche für einen angenommenen Gegenstand die Dispropotionalität zwischen der Grösse von Neuschwanstein und der geringen Zahl von Personen, die dort leben sollten?
  4. wie Shea und Wilson bereits 1971 formulierten: “This is the Age of Bavaria.” Dabei wussten diese Glücklichen noch nicht, dass ein Bürger bayerischer Abstammung einmal Präsident der USA werden würde.

Call me Claus

Call me Claus, 2001, director Peter Werner, with Whoopi Goldberg, Taylor Negron and Nigel Hawthorne

In this movie an older migrant, a probably asexual POC and a very, very gay guy save the world.

Just that. 18 years ago. The internet was quite new and Buffy still kicked. The early millenium was cool.