Nine German Wines Paired with the Perfect Music

  1. Sekt

Perfect with: Pop

Recommended listening: Aurora, Christine and the Queens, Janelle Monáe

Sekt is not a varietal but a broad umbrella term for German sparkling wine-it can theoretically be made from any grape (just as pop music is a huge umbrella term). Common grape varieties used to make Sekt include the usual French subjects (the Pinot or “Burgunder” family) as well as native grapes like Silvaner and Riesling. When it’s done right, Sekt is bubblier than Colbie Caillat, and as versatile and goes-with-anything as Rihanna. Sekt has long been a staple in Germany, where they’ll pop a bottle for everyday drinking and just about any occasion—beyond birthdays and celebrations—the same way throwing on pop radio is a fail-safe way to liven up a gathering. Now wine lovers outside of Germany are taking notice, and Sekt is emerging as a significant player in the world of sophisticated bubbles (look for the term “Winzersekt” on the label if you want the best stuff—and of course you want the best stuff).

„Sponsored Post“, also Werbung. Aber das ist ziemlich intelligente Werbung für deutschen Wein in den USA.


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