Carmilla bites again

It’s not hard to draw a connection between the queer and the monstrous. At the heart of every horror story is a monster that threatens to upend a community’s entire way of life. The monster is the abnormal creature that barges into an idyllic world and makes it strange. As Karen Tongson, an associate professor of gender studies and English at USC, told the Los Angeles Times, “people who lived with a lot of their love and their passion in the closet, or who felt demonized in the broader culture, it’s very easy to find points of identification with monsters.” Author Michael Bronski added, “In some way, gay people, queer people, are the worst fear for heterosexuals, as well as on some level, the best fantasy—the sheer pleasure of not being on the inside, of not having to control everything you do and think and say to fit norms.”

Ich denke, es ist klar, was ich mir zum Geburtstag schenken werde, n’est-ce pas?

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