The Washitaw Moors

The Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Muurs (Moors) were originally a group of priest from Egypt, also known as the Dogon/Olmecs/Mayans. The term Washitaw is a corruption of Ursahtaw, the father and mothers of the mystics. In Egyptian, Ursahtaw is Urrashet, the winged sun disk, which symbolizes the highest knowledge, the pineal gland being open.
Amurru is actually a corruption of Amaru, which is the root Ameri-ca. America is actually a corruption of Amen-Ra-Ka. Its strange how everything comes from Egypt. Well Egypt was once the capitol of the world. In fact, the Pharaoh gave the ancient Moabites (Moors) permission to settle Morrocco, which is now North Africa. The Moabites migrated to modern-day America, and called her Almorrocco, which is another root for the word, America.

The 1787 Morocco Treaty of Peace and Friendship was a means to try to stop all of the fighting over land, so the Moors brung the Europeans to the table to form a peaceful two system goverment; one for the Moors and one for the Europeans. Evidence of this two system goverment can be found on the back of a one dollar bill. Notice the two seals. You see one of a pyramid with an eye above it, which was the Moorish seal, and the other seal is that of a eagle holding 13 arrows, which is the European seal. Another example of this two system goverment is the Consular Court, which was the Moorish court system. The last one was abolished in 1956 according to the above definition, and this Consular Court was granted its authority by treaty, that is, the 1787 Morocco Treaty of Peace and Friendship. The Europeans had and still do have their court systems, but its just their system now.


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