Wilhelm II., Emperor of Germany and Mexico

„What forces along the border would profit? The border. That was the key. The borderlands were the most unstable region in the whole of the United States. Surely some would seek to profit from that, and some to proffer it to others. Finally the connection he sought slammed into place like a keystone falling from heaven to miraculously complete an intricate arch.

Twice in his career he had encountered advanced German weaponry employed in conflict along the border. The first had been a Huertista stash south of Matamoros. Grenades, machine guns, things he couldn’t identify. That episode ended with a chain of events destroying the entire munitions dump. Big Benny Lickter had been the second. Now certain of it, no other explanation existed for a German Jewish immigrant turned sheriff to possess such advanced machinery and weapons. Friends from across the pond indeed.

Lastly, there had been the pamphletes on Bronco O’Brien’s desk. He hadn’t thought anything of it at the time, Rocksprings being on the edge of German hill country. McCutchen nodded to himself as he emergerged from his trailbound trance. He’d heard fear-mongering politicians prattle on about the threat from German immigrants and spies, but dismissed it as another chupacabra.

Feasibly, the German government could be working through a complacent Mexican government to destabilize the bordere. Crazy, yes. Impossible, no.“

David Mark Brown, I Explode Things (The DMB Primer Library)



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