Half Way Home – Hugh Howey (Aldiko)

Do you know why your position is initially occupied by homosexuals?” Colony asked. My hands moved from my brow to cover my face. My jaw hung open, my elbows coming to a rest on the counter. None of this was going as it should have. From Hickson, to Colony . . . I wondered if we had made a mistake in coming back. “Do you know why?” Colony repeated. “What do you mean—my position?” I stammered. “The psychologists. In every colony, they are created out of blastocysts genetically selected for their homosexuality. You do understand what homosexuals are, don’t you?” “Of course,” I whispered. “And that you are one?” I sat still. Then I nodded my head once. “Yes,” I said, so softly I wondered if it strained Colony’s ability to perceive sound. “It’s to protect against transference and conflicts of personal interest,” Colony said. “There are no guarantees in the second and subsequent generations, of course, but when a colony is going through its most difficult phase, the psychologist is programmed to stand alone. To carry everyone else’s burdens.”



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