7 Kommentare zu „Rosi for President

  1. good lord… the country needs trust more than anything, and it seems all we get, are reasons not too. We are a joke, sold out…but throughout history… I keep hope, may of the ideals we a built upon give hope and equity..we just dont follow very well, special interests. WE let it happen.

  2. The USA are sticking to the methods and systems that made it sucessfull in the past. And that's now a dead-end-lane. But I fear that a majority of citizens is not ready to see this. And I am sure that a minority is ready to take advantage from this.

  3. we might find more resolve than meets the eye, it is now a nation informing itself, gathering news from the world, bias opinion does not fly when the facts are available. What you see Is A system run by interests, of the interests and for the interests currently

  4. thieves run thick, its not a party issue. But..I see people standing… calling out the truth. Its contagious. Could be quite a renaissance back to the noble and innovative nation we have been.many forms of government have good ideals, it implementation and follow through. with common sense. There are more good than bad, and the bad when confronted with truth and numbers and facts..well, they show they have an agenda less than that of all. People see. I dont worry. Maybe we can become a beacon again, we can…no reason why not .

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